About Halcyon Proteins

An Australian family owned and operated specialty food ingredient manufacturer. Supplying the food industry for over 70 years with vegetable protein extracts, soya sauce, yeast extract and malt extract powders and exported worldwide.

1946 Founded by David Strong with support of his father Dr Howard Strong from humble beginnings in the Brighton garden shed manufacturing Mono Sodium Glutamate , Sodium Caseinate, Vegetable Protein Extracts and polishing compounds.

The factory in 1946 - literally the backyard shed

1950 David & his brother Mark established and commissioned the Sandringham manufacturing site in Melbourne.

1955 Manufacturing go MSG and Sodium Caseinate starts, second spray drier constructed.

1979 Initial Development of Soy Sauce for the Australian market.

1983 Introduction of Yeast Extracts to the product range.

1996 Construction of new Liquid and Powder manufacturing plant at Dandenong, Melbourne completed.

Halcyon Proteins' plant at George Street Sandringham

1998 Product range increased with the introduction of Malt Extract powder and Fermented Soy sauce.

Today, the companies focus is on continual process improvement and expanding of its product range to meet customer requirements.

plant at Dandenong Melbourne Australia

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